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Student Leadership Institute

What is Student Leadership Institute (SLi)?

The mission of the Student Leadership Institute at Prestonwood Christian Academy is to assist young people in the development of their leadership philosophy and skills by exposing them to a biblically-based, multifaceted and year-long program.

What does SLi teach?

SLi trains students with the definition of biblical leadership in mind. SLi uses a model of teaching that is founded from God’s Word and focuses on individual and institutional commitments to becoming selfless. It is the Institute’s goal that students connect these principles to their campus, community and church. Students are challenged to become more like Christ as they strive for a higher level of leadership training.

For more information about PCA's Student Leadership Institute please contact:

Dan Panetti, Worldview Director


SLi Themes

"My favorite thing about PCA is the biblical worldview and the intentional training of students to be servant leaders."

PCA Parent