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Kingdom Parent Institute

What is Kingdom Parent Institute (KPi)?

Prestonwood Christian Academy is honored to partner with Christian parents in the journey to raise godly young men and women, who are grounded in biblical truth and walking in a manner worthy of their calling. Toward that end, we constantly look for opportunities to encourage parents in this grand endeavor and offer a variety of resources.

Something that is Distinctively PCA is an endeavor called "Kingdom Parent Institute (KPi)," which is an opportunity for PCA parents to learn practical and biblical wisdom relative to parenting in the areas of cultural apologetics, biblical literacy, and marriage and family.

What does KPi offer parents?

  • Parenting seminars
  • In conjunction with Prestonwood Baptist Church, courses are offered each year with an intentional parenting and worldview focus
  • PCA produces a parenting podcast, The Journey, that covers a variety of relevant worldview-related topics
  • Annual Biblical Worldview Institute (BWi) training sessions are offered in November for students and parents to hear some of the top thinkers on a variety of topics
Parent Kingdom Institute

"The Journey" -- PCA Parent Podcast

Kingdom Parent Lunch Series 2021-22

Click here for Lunch Series Information

"My favorite thing about PCA is that the Kingdom education works with what we teach at home instead of teaching against what is taught at home."

PCA parent