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Biblical Worldview Archives

One of the most distinctive elements of Prestonwood Christian Academy is our intentional focus on developing a biblical worldview. The goal is to develop students who can think biblically in all areas of life as they are challenged in all areas of life. These efforts in developing a biblical worldview are also not limited to the students, but extend to the faculty, parents, and the community around us.

PCA is intentional about making sure students, staff, parents, and friends of PCA are given opportunities to engage in the hard thinking necessary to learn how to think critically and Christianly about the world around them. For this reason, we have created the Biblical Worldview Institute, an annual conference designed to tackle key cultural issues from a Christ centered worldview. We have brought in the some of the best speakers and experts throughout the years and.

The video archives dating back to 2009 are available to you as a free resource. We pray you will dive deeply into these sessions to be equipped to think biblically and anchored in the faith in each of these important topics.

BWi Speaker Archives