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Biblical Worldview Institute

September 24-26, 2023

Since 2005 Prestonwood Christian Academy has produced the Biblical Worldview Institute for students, educators, and parents. This conference is designed to challenge mainstream culture with intentional and through-provoking speakers and topics. There has never been a more critical time to instill a Christ-centered worldview in today's youth.

This year, we will look at the character of Jesus to learn how to look like Jesus and act like Jesus in the increasingly complex world. Join us September 24-26 as we dive into how to have real faith in the real world. 



"Attending BWi is very important for our school! We love how a challenging, diverse and solid Biblical Worldview is contrasted against our current cultural norms, which in turn inspires our students to think biblically about the social difficulties they face each and every day."

Paul Du Feu- Campus Pastor- Longview Christian School

Frequently Asked Questions

History of BWi

My favorite thing about PCA is the biblical integration into the curriculum, leadership, vision of the administration, caring for the students and professionalism of the teachers.


The focus on biblical worldview teaching and the heart the teachers have for my student is my favorite thing about PCA.


Dr. Jeremiah Johnston
Dean of Spiritual Development


Dan Panetti
Director of Worldview
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Chris Nation
Biblical Worldview Associate
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