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PCA Life

Learning is Fun

At PCA North, learning is fun, and there is a strong feeling of community that permeates the PCA North campus. Within this intimate environment, where parents are always welcomed throughout the day, friendships are formed that go far beyond the school day; friendships that have continued to grow while families are away from school this summer. At the end of the 2015-2016 school year, PCA North was assessed for accreditation. A panel of four examiners was on campus for three days. They visited each classroom, speaking to teachers, students, and parents. At the end of the three days, they had the highest praise for PCA North teachers and the one word they used, again and again, was "community."

Teachers Connect Students & Families

PCA North teachers have an average tenure of 16 years, most with their master’s degree. And with an average class size of 12 students, they’re able to forge relationship not only with students but with their families as well. “When one of our kids has a swim meet, dance recital, or ballgame off campus our teachers are right there supporting them,” Lower School Principal Gilson said. “It’s just one example of the ways they investment in our children in the classroom and beyond.”

At PCA North, we love to lead school spirit and show our Lion Pride at amazing Pep Rallies that foster unity and student body participation throughout the entire school.

Greg Wright
PCA North Middle/Upper School Principal

Community Connection

Community connection is fostered at PCA North, during the annual school-wide Thanksgiving celebration. During PCA North's first school year students were divided into ‘families’ with students of different ages and grades as family members. Each family was assigned names of families who would have been on the Mayflower. The oldest student in each group was enlisted to stand and pray for their family before the meal. When the activity was over, there was a noticeable bond the students felt in their ‘family’ and that bond continued throughout the year. It’s great to see students in Upper School relating to students in Lower School.

Beginning each day together as a school helps. We make announcements, hand out birthday pencils, pray together, and students are able to connect with friends in all grade levels, not just their own.

Donna Gilson
PCA North Lower School Principal