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Educational Excellence Begins with High-Quality Faculty and Staff

Other Leadership Team members serving the PCA School System:
Barbara Brown Senior Director of Technology
Katheryn Fondren Controller
Dan Panetti Director of Parent Engagement and Ministry
Jodi Green Senior Director of Human Resources
Brandon Jernigan Director of Operations
Rob Kelton Director of Specialized Learning
Katie McDonald Senior Director of Marketing and Communication
Paul Moldovan Senior Controller
Dan Panetti Director of Parent Engagement and Ministry
Megan Rogers Senior Director of Development and Stewardship
Joel T. Rutherford Director of Fine Arts
Chris Schobey Director of Facilities
Natalie Velez

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Luke 6:40 implies a student will look like his teacher. What an awesome responsibility we have as we teach, coach and mentor the children God has entrusted to us. PCA North's faculty and staff are exceptional.

The pace they maintain, the love they regularly extend to students, the time they invest to improve their content knowledge and instructional skills, and their commitment to Christian education are characteristics appreciated by parents and PCA's leadership.